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Friday 09/10/15 – River, Saving Hope (No Spoilers), History


Just seen a new show is coming to BBC1 called River about a detective who sees ghosts…mmm sound familiar Last night I was checking groups/pages on FB and caught a post in my timeline.  One of our planes going off to a new home in the Netherlands… One of the reasons I did not want […]

Thursday 08/10/15 – Don’t let me into The Range!


So had to go out today to get some flea stuff for the kitties and went to The Range as noticed they do the stuff I use…. not a good idea!  I tend to find other stuff ‘I need’. So another pair of slippers, some face wipes and no flea tablets!  They do them for […]

Wednesday 07/10/15 – And you thought you had got away from me…. :)


Well first day without Facebook and the only thing I am really missing is posting little updates and of course chatting with my friends.  So I will put things in a post and if you want to read or comment on them you can. Well got a few things done this morning even though I […]

Facebook, Nik Kershaw Forum


Most of you will have seen the post now about me taking a break from Facebook.  Main reason is that there is such negativity going on at the moment.  It is not just friends but life in general, news stories the works.  Most people would just take a holiday but as I can’t I am […]

MS Fan Forum and other stuff…


So yesterday tried to do a an update on a plugin and it totally screwed the site.  All of the posts and everything were ok but all of the plugins were not working and that would mean having to reload everything and I really didn’t want to do that.  So I got rid of it […]

Business changed its name!


So I changed the name of business to Kellino Services and yes I know the next question is why?  Well the old name just didn’t really describe what the business did.  As I didn’t just do clerical work but websites and audio work for the blind.  But why Kellino?  My family has a ‘stage’ name […]

Michael Shanks – Facebook and Forum


Well yesterday made a decision I have been thinking about for months!  I was going to close down my FB pages and then concentrate on my forum but someone offered to take over the FB pages for me.  So as of last night they are now in the capable hands of Julia. I find that […]

Michael Shanks, Business and things in general


Well it has been a while since I updated.  And yep that is pretty usual for me…  So here we go a few things. I have started a fan forum for Michael.  They won’t be one connected to the new MSOL website when it is up and running as Michael doesn’t want one.  I thought […]